I just turned down a $32,160 offer for my website

Recently Clearvieweducation.com has made some good improvements in it’s search engine rankings (#4 for online college degrees). Within a 24 hour span I received two emails from different companies asking if I would consider selling the site. Of course I said I would if the price was right. Well after sharing the site info and revenue I got a legitimate offer for the site at $32,160. Here is a snapshot of the email:

Now you need to understand that Clearvieweducation.com falls under the “Prosperly” category for websites. If you have read the Prosperly Way you know exactly what I am talking about. It cost $6 a month to run, takes almost no time, sells no product (provides leads to online schools), has a 100% profit margin and has no customer service. In other words, it makes money on auto pilot. This particular site right now is only making about $1200 a month on average. Based on that a $32160 offer does seem pretty high, but because the site is a Prosperly website the value is much higher to potential investors.

That is why I turned it down. Because I know the potential of the site and it is much more than that figure. Yes, having an extra $30k in my pocket is tempting until you consider that $8000 goes to the government, I gladly give $3216 to my church as tithing and I would be left with $20,944. That is definitely selling myself short with a Prosperly site.