Let me give anyone who is thinking of selling a website a piece of advice. Don’t mention how much potential your website has in your listing. I have to say that it is pretty annoying when I am looking at websites listed for sale and the site owner feels like they need to tell people that the site has “HUGE POTENTIAL”.

First of all, if the potential is so high, why are you selling it? Secondly, do you think I am not smart enough to make my own decision on whether a site has huge potential? Stop patronizing smart business people by stating that your website that’s not worth keeping has huge potential.

If your website is actually a legitimate internet business that makes money, sell it on those merits. People will quickly see the potential and be interested. If you have to tell people that the potential is huge, that usually means the site isn’t worth much.

Also, happy Independence Day to everyone!

I just turned down a $32,160 offer for my website

Recently has made some good improvements in it’s search engine rankings (#4 for online college degrees). Within a 24 hour span I received two emails from different companies asking if I would consider selling the site. Of course I said I would if the price was right. Well after sharing the site info and revenue I got a legitimate offer for the site at $32,160. Here is a snapshot of the email:

Now you need to understand that falls under the “Prosperly” category for websites. If you have read the Prosperly Way you know exactly what I am talking about. It cost $6 a month to run, takes almost no time, sells no product (provides leads to online schools), has a 100% profit margin and has no customer service. In other words, it makes money on auto pilot. This particular site right now is only making about $1200 a month on average. Based on that a $32160 offer does seem pretty high, but because the site is a Prosperly website the value is much higher to potential investors.

That is why I turned it down. Because I know the potential of the site and it is much more than that figure. Yes, having an extra $30k in my pocket is tempting until you consider that $8000 goes to the government, I gladly give $3216 to my church as tithing and I would be left with $20,944. That is definitely selling myself short with a Prosperly site.