The #1 Internet Marketing Secret…

Before you get too excited, this is another post about a clean romantic comedy film we just finished shooting. I know, I know it was under handed to get you thinking I had the #1 internet marketing secret but I was feeling bad about only posting filmmaking stuff.

The movie we just finished is called Chick Magnets. Check out the Chick Magnets Trailer or check out the website here at Chick Magnets Movie.

It will only be shown in theaters here in Utah at first but if it does well enough we should be able to get it into other theaters. The movie will have a PG rating.

P.S. The number one internet marketing secret is to choose a niche you know a lot about and love.

6 thoughts on “The #1 Internet Marketing Secret…

  1. Okanlawon Joseph

    I am a fresh student willin to buy a website,a nigerian,how can you be of help to in step to follow,what to do,how to get money to a/c.

  2. Ken Somerville

    This was a good one. lol, You had me with the name, but ha I bet the wife would love to see the film.

    Anyway, as you know from doing film. video marketing is becoming the #1 marketing strategy, as it is look as if 90% of traffic with be through video by 2014.

    Anyway, have a great day, and I hope you film does well.

    Your Friend in Marketing
    Ken Somerville

  3. Carlos

    Adam, how can I start to make money as I am clueless and know nothing of buying and selling? I would like to learn the process of doing this, in a step by step matter that is easily understood, and with hard work, very rewarding…….

  4. Carlos, I am working on a step by step program right now that will be ready in about a month or so. It should be exactly what you are looking for.

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