The #1 thing you can do to succeed on the internet…

I was recently at my in-laws home during the holidays and happened to pick up the local newspaper. On the front page was a feature story of new years resolutions of some of the local residents of this small town.

I started reading some of them and was shocked. Here are a couple of excerpts from their resolutions:

“All the things that I accomplished this past year, I want to try to keep them going. Like I got help with my rent. I got a better place to live. I stopped using substances, stopped drinking. Going to my groups and stuff like that…”

“I forget them about a week later. I decided not to do one anytime anymore, I did quit smoking. That was about 30 years ago. That was probably the only one I remember I ever did. I used to smoke two, three packs of cigarettes a day. I just decided it was time to quit. I didn’t know if I was going to do it or not, but I did do it. I’m glad I did do it. If people want to smoke, that’s up to them. It pays off if you don’t smoke; I can tell you that.”

See full article here

There were other resolutions that were just as bad in the newspaper and I thought to myself, no wonder so many people go through life and don’t fulfill their dreams.

My key to success: If you want to be successful in life set very specific goals and then work towards those goals every single day.

One of the goals I set for myself several years ago was to make $8333 a month from my online businesses. I then broke down each website that I owned and set a goal to how much I wanted each site to make every month to help me get to that goal.

Then I created a daily tasks list for each site that would help me reach the goal for each website. As I did those daily tasks I watched as my income continued to grow to the point that I was making a great full time living online.

The other great thing that happened is that because I had a goal for myself i built momentum and eventually surpassed that goal with ease and had to set new goals.

My advice to you is this: No matter what you are trying to accomplish in life, whether it be in business, religion, personal life etc, set specific goals and you will be more successful and have a much more fulfilled life.

8 thoughts on “The #1 thing you can do to succeed on the internet…

  1. Awesome!

    Would you mind sending me that daily tasks list for each site?

    I’ll set a new years resolution of doing everything you did. :P

  2. Petr Macek (internetový marketing)

    I guess that’s an issue with most of us, we make resolutions but we don’t go one step further to make them more specific, tangible, measurable.

    I made the same mistake myslef, for this year I said I want it to be better than the last one in terms of my business revenues but what is better? I know, I need to go a bit further with this :(

  3. The Dude

    In the final paragraph, why did you list religion before personal life? Are you saying religion comes before personal life/family? What religious goals would one set out to accomplish?

  4. The Dude, thanks for the question. Yes I would say that my relationship with God comes first but my family is right up there in importance. A specific religious goal would be something like, I want to memorize 20 passages of scriptures in the next 4 months.

  5. Goal setting is vital to a person’s success. The plan is the blueprint. Either a person walk through life not knowing the direction they’re heading in, or they design and follow the road map to the destination they want to arrive at. Advice: See it, then achieve it. Your goals are your steps along the way, set your steps in place and climb them.


  6. Richard

    I believe in setting goals. A goal not written is only a wish.
    I have set many goals in my lifetime and have achieved them. One of my goals is Link building.

    Good comments in this post to focus on.

  7. Great secret.

    Set a specific goal and work toward it every day. Check your progress and make corrections as needed. Specificity and action over time are key components.

    Thanks Again.

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